Do you usually shop online? Clothing, shoes, electronics, perfume, accessories, food, everything goes. But do you know how to buy online safely? Discover our tips for buying online serenely.

  1. Secure browsing

When you decide to buy online, it’s best to be at home or somewhere with a secure internet connection. Promote a secure home network. Indeed, this will limit the risks of identity theft, theft of banking information and others. To reduce the risk, do not hesitate to use a powerful anti-virus, updated of course. With the ebay Shopping offers the deals are effective.

  1. E-reputation

Choosing the sites you want to buy online is also essential. Indeed, there are many fraudulent platforms whose sole purpose is to extort money, or make you pay for an object you will never see the color. If you doubt a site, follow your instincts and make no payments or give your banking information. You can always inquire on different forums or Facebook group to have the opinions of consumers who have previously dealt with these sites.

Finally, be aware that online sales platforms have the legal obligation to be transparent. They must clearly display on their website the following information: identity, professional activity, characteristics of goods and services offered, price (not to mention taxes and delivery fees), as well as payment and exchange terms or the validity of the offer. For more information on the subject, you can visit the Europa portal .

  1. Secure payments

In order to increase the security of online payments, Mastercard and Visa have implemented a system: 3D Secure, also called “Verified by Visa” and “SecureCode” (Mastercard). Its clear objective is to avoid credit card fraud and bank identity theft. So, find out if your credit card has this extra protection or not.

  1. Using a credit card with purchase insurance

Today, there are many financial institutions offering credit cards offering various insurance purchases. Opting for the right card will allow you to be protected in case of credit card fraud or when shopping online. Thus, you will often hear about “Safe Online”, ensuring the total repayment of goods purchased within the European Union or the United States. Some even have a warranty extension of up to 24 months from the expiry of the legal manufacturer’s warranty.The point D of our guide details you all.

Find your shopping insurance card

If, despite all these precautions, you are the subject of bank fraud or impersonation, you must urgently react as quickly as possible. To do this, call Card Stop to block your credit card, go to the police station to make a statement and return your bank fraudulent expense. And do not forget: buying online can be risky so be careful!

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